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Window on Blue Skies

Background & Objective

Three years of social distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic significantly impacted Hong Kong's economy and lifestyle. The effect on the development of Hong Kong youths was even more profound. Students were forced to shift to online learning and it was next to impossible for CDIA to arrange work experience opportunities for students due to preventive health measures that were in place at most businesses. 


To navigate the challenges and continue assisting young people to discover their career aspirations, CDIA worked with a group of enthusiastic business partners to produce an online programme called "Window on Blue Skies ". Using the webinar format, the programme takes young people on virtual tours of different workplaces, enabling them to connect with the business sector, gain knowledge, understand professional development, explore their interests and potential, and envision their life goals.


The programme is aptly named "Window on Blue Skies " as it aims to empower young people by familiarising them with various industries and workplaces, helping them gain knowledge, build confidence, and become motivated and hopeful. It encourages youths to broaden their perspectives, look towards the blue sky and connect with society and the business sector. Through mutual care and understanding, the programme aims to help young people overcome barriers and actively plan their own future.




"Window on Blue Skies " comprises 10 episodes. Each episode runs 45 minutes long and is divided into three parts:

  • Visit and Interview: Industry leaders introduce the nature and characteristics of their respective professions and industries, taking viewers on a tour of their organisation, special equipment, products, etc.

  • Career Exploration: Industry leaders and representatives engage in interactive discussions with students, answering questions, delving into their industries to enhance understanding.

  • Mutual Support: Industry representatives share their experiences or setbacks and how they overcame the challenges. The programme provides encouragement and support to participants through interactive games with prizes.

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